The Film Board is following it up the first week of the Film Series with another great program of films, beginning with the wacky “Being John Malkovich,” a film by one of the greatest documentarians of all time. Also on the schedule is a summer science-fiction blockbuster in the awesome new installment of “Star Trek,” and ending the week is a classic by the Master of Suspense. As classes start to get busier, be sure to find some time to check this week’s series.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013, $5

Being John Malkovich

1999. USA. Dir: Spike Jonze. With John Cusack, Cameron Diaz. 112 min.

When a down-on-his-luck puppeteer takes up a job as a filing clerk, an unreciprocated attraction to his co-worker ensues. What’s more, he happens upon a portal that literally places him in the mind of John Malkovich. Imbued with the perfect balance of zaniness, philosophical inquiry, and emotion, this Charlie Kaufman penned, wildly original film hits all the right notes, making it the perfect choice to kick off the second week of the Film Series.


Thursday, September 12, 2013, Free

Titicut Follies

1967. USA. Dir: Frederick Wiseman. Documentary. 84 min.

It’s been said that were aliens ever to come to earth, you could just show them Frederick Wiseman’s documentaries and they’d get a pretty good idea of human nature from his work. So goes his direct approach to unstaged, unmanipulated actions in which the camera seamlessly participates in capturing people in their rawest of times. “Titicut Follies” has Wiseman direct his attention to the Bridgewater State Hospital for the criminally insane. The film’s subject matter is so shocking that it led Massachusetts to ban the film for several years following its release. Wiseman’s work can be quite difficult to get your hands on, making this Thursday’s screening of what many believe to be the documentarian’s best all the more special.


Friday, September 13, 2013, $5

Star Trek Into Darkness

2013. USA. Dir: J.J. Abrams. With Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto. 132 min.

Following the successful 2009 reboot, J.J. Abrams brought Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the crew back for an equally fun and exciting adventure this summer. On Friday, get the chance to see it again! The sequel builds upon the wonderful group dynamics created in the first film and adds the exquisite villainy of Benedict Cumberbatch to further challenge our group of heroes. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it could possibly make you scream (Star Trek fans know exactly when you shall be screaming). It’s an exciting ride that shows off the talented cast along with the expertise of Abrams, the man helming not only this franchise, but also “Star Wars” come 2015.


Saturday, September 14, 2013, Free


1948. USA. Dir: Alfred Hitchcock. With James Stewart, Farley Granger. 80 min.

If you ever want to see a true film master challenge himself, come to Saturday night at the Film Series. “Rope” has a somewhat simple murder plot, but its mastery lies in the filming. It has merely ten shots over an 80-minute film, and they are ten shots meant to hold your attention and keep you in suspense. It is a slightly different ride than “Star Trek,” but perhaps an even more exciting one, and this time it stars Jimmy Stewart.

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