With Valentine’s Day following on the heels of Nemo, ideas for an easy, convenient, and slush-free romantic evening might be scarce. Here are 14 ideas for the 14th that are simple and unique to Wesleyan’s campus.

1. Dinner Date at Daniel Family Commons.
Treat your date to a romantic evening at the DFC, where you can enjoy a romantic dinner that requires no cooking skills. Make reservations, and you and your date can enjoy a four-course meal that sounds way better than the typical Usdan fare. With ballads playing over the sound system and sparkling apple cider, what could be better? Maybe you can fantasize about a double date with your favorite professor!

2. Leftover Emergency Supplies Dinner.
Chances are, once news got out about how historic of a snowstorm Nemo would be, you flocked to Price Chopper or RiteAid to stock up on tools for survival. But the question remains: What to do with all of your Nemo leftovers? If walking down to Main Street is too much effort and dinner at Usdan doesn’t float your boat, making a dinner for two can be as simple as cooking in your own kitchen. How else are you going to use all the beef jerky, Lucky Charms, and dried apricots you still have lying around? Nothing says Valentine’s Day like Nemo Surprise!

3. A Stroll in the Snow.
Yes, temperatures have hit below freezing practically every day this week. Yes, you have probably slipped at least once on your slushy trek to Usdan or the Butts. But none of this means that Valentine’s has to be as gloomy as the weather! In fact, making an effort to get out and enjoy the surroundings can make for a great date. And if you fall, at least you’ll have someone to catch you!

Following up dinner with a walk to Long Lane, for instance, gives you some privacy and the joys of local nature and fresh air. End your evening by returning to campus and taking a break at the Observatory for some stargazing. Plus, when you get back inside there’s some extra incentive to help each other warm up.

4. Study Date.
We all know snow days can make homework seem like a distant, mythical reality. But putting off work can only happen for so long before either you or your date become so engulfed with work that you forget about Valentine’s Day entirely. Luckily, romance and school can be easily fused in a way that is productive without being cringe-worthy. Inviting your significant other (or potentially significant other!) to a library for some studying lets you get work done as well as spend time with that “special someone.” As an added bonus, this lets you cut right to the chase—after all, there’s only so much talking that can get done in the stacks before you have to get down to business!

5. Eat a really big sandwich and watch How I Met Your Mother.
Bring out your inner Marshall and Lily by curling up together, sharing your olives, and watching the sitcom with the most Wesleyan references of all time. Consider heading to your favorite bar and making a romantic list of “Reasons to Have Sex” to get yourselves in the mood. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to refuse to leave each other’s sides, even for a night. In 10 years, maybe you’ll be the emblematic Wesleyan couple of whom everyone is jealous.

6. Go incognito.

Sometimes, the last thing you want is to be ogled by other Wesleyan students as you try to enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other. Why not head to a nearby town and grab dinner at a new restaurant where no one will recognize you? If you want to get really into it, you can even adopt new names, accents, and life stories. Dress as crazily as you want, and be as obnoxious and overly-cutesy as you can; you’ll probably (hopefully) never see any of your dinner companions again.

7. Check out a show.

Either see what Second Stage is up to this weekend or head into Middletown to catch a movie. It doesn’t get more romantic than watching humans and zombies go head to head, and if all else fails, the back row is always a good place for some cozy cuddling! But if that’s not really your scene…

8. Arrange a private screening.

Did you know you can reserve a space on campus through your ePortfolio? And did you know that you can arrange to have some of those rooms set up with a projector and screen? Call it a club meeting and enjoy your favorite movie in private, on an (almost) theater-sized screen.

9. Karaoke Night.
Here’s a good way to stay warm and show off a side of yourself with which your significant other may be unfamiliar. Nothing says romance like an embarrassing karaoke serenade, so make a playlist, bring some friends, and be sure to leave your shame at the door.

10. Shovel the Snow.
Feeling philanthropic on Valentine’s Day? There’s still plenty of work to be done post-Nemo, and the forecast says we might get even more snow before the week is over. Help get Wesleyan and the surrounding communities back on their feet by digging out some cars and making some walking paths. Snowball fights with your date are a must—just be sure not to catch a cold!

11. Go Ice Skating.

Freeman has open skating hours from 7:15-9:00 a.m. and 12:00-1:15 p.m. on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, you can take this opportunity to slip on the ice inside as a break from slipping on the ice outside.

12. Fill Up The Freeman Pool With Rose Petals and Candles On Lily Pads.
Go hard or go home. We’re not sure if the administration would be down with this one, but V-Day is supposed to be all about the grand gestures. If you have the budget to afford it, this is a great way to make your date feel that extra level of appreciation. Nobody would stop you, especially if you snuck in after hours—not that we would condone that sort of behavior.

13. Indulge your sweet side.

Middletown has a huge variety of sweet spots to choose from. Take a trip into town and treat yourselves to a romantic dessert. Remember—chocolate is an aphrodisiac! If you don’t feel like trekking to Main Street through the slush, consider taking matters into your own hands. With a quick visit to Weshop, you can bake yourselves some cookies, brownies, or a cake for the occasion. Extra bonus for candy hearts, and/or pink frosting.

14. Have extra frosting?

Many possibilities await you. Do with that information what you will.

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