Andrew Ribner/Visual Editor

Beginning late Wednesday evening, the truck providing hot water to HiRise

and LoRise apartments was smoking slightly and is, at time of publication, surrounded by fire and police trucks. According to a firefighter on the scene, the furnace in the truck has malfunctioned, and is no longer burning cleanly. This has resulted in a strong smell in HiRise that residents describe as similar to the smell of burnt hair and rubber.

LoRise resident Hadas Werman ’14 quipped, “Isn’t it funny that our hot water is on fire?”

  • cbcvb

    snaps for Hadas–that was funny

    but this boiler mess is extremely embarrassing for the university

    • its so cold for this

      bump. University, let’s do something about this. also Hadas is such a wit.

  • Just saying

    Guess that our no hot water problem in hirise will be getting worse.

  • juniors

    ridiculous. get me home to get a shower.

  • alum

    that truck looks like it belongs in a dark back alley next to a dumpster, not by the apartment building of a “wealthy” liberal arts college. oy vey.

  • not hadas’ friend

    hadas, killin it