In an all-campus email sent Saturday night, Public Safety (PSafe) detailed an armed robbery that occurred in a student’s room earlier that evening. At approximately 7 p.m., a student reported that he and another student let a non-student into their room; he held the two at gunpoint. The non-student, whom both students knew, reportedly took cell phones, a computer, and cash. The two students were not injured and described their assailant as “a heavy set Caucasian male, approximately 5’ 8” tall, in his early 20’s wearing a black knit cap, grey hooded sweatshirt, dark jeans, sneakers and carrying a backpack with red and black markings.” The Middletown Police and PSafe are now investigating the situation and have asked students to report any relevant information to them.

“We are working closely with the Middletown Police regarding this serious incident and we expect further developments soon,” said Director of Public Safety Dave Meyer.

Leaks to The Argus and Wesleying report that the robbery occurred on the second floor of the Nicolson 5 dorms, and other sources claimed that the students had been “duct-taped” by the assailant. The students were reportedly able to free themselves from the bonds after the assailant left and contacted the authorities. PSafe would not comment on these reports, as Meyer said that the investigation into the robbery is ongoing.

“We’re still in the early stages of the investigation, but we do have some leads and we are pursuing them with the police department,” he said. “We definitely believe this was an isolated incident.”

Students with additional information are urged to contact PSafe at 860-344-3200 or MPD at 860-685-2345.

  • Really?

    This is so poorly written. “The non-student, whom both students knew, took reportedly took a cell phones, a computer, and cash and then left.” Honestly?

  • Guest

    P-safe should be investigating the student as well…

  • SickOfThisBS

    Is this not clearly a drug deal gone bad? Why else let a non-student (who they obviously didnt know well) into their room? I mean how dumb are these kids? I would love to hear the excuse these two numnuts came up with for letting a random (armed) towny into their dorm.