It’s the end of the world as we know it, and Wesleyan’s “Unlocked Magazine” is going out with a sexy bang. The magazine’s new calendar, “Apocalypse 2012,” is both unsettlingly clairvoyant and undeniably seductive.

For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing fellow students topless in print, “Unlocked” is Wesleyan’s sex and sexuality publication. Featuring outrageous photo shoots, articles, surveys, and anything sex-related, the magazine has achieved the perfect blend of artful taste and unabashed raunchiness. The five-year-old brainchild of Yannick Bindert ’11 and Ben Kuller ’10 originally emerged as a reaction to a disappointing lack of free sexual expression on campus. Apparently there was a time here when students approached talking about sex with discretion. Where’s the fun in that?

“It’s a forum for art that wouldn’t necessarily find places elsewhere,” said Assistant Writing Editor Ella Dawson ’14.

According to Dawson, “Unlocked” aims for a balance of goofiness and serious content. The magazine’s subject matter ranges from kitschy photographs to effective aphrodisiacs to important issues like sexual abuse.

“Some of the topics we talk about are—I wouldn’t say they’re controversial, but they’re sensitive,” said Dawson. “[It’s about] learning what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not.”

“Unlocked” wouldn’t be much of a sex magazine without people to talk about it. University students are encouraged to participate in the magazine’s production based on their comfort level. Less inhibited participants opt to be photographed in varying degrees of nudity, while others answer polls. In a poll from the magazine, when asked about their preference concerning lights on or off during sex, students remained ambivalent.

“It was 49 to 51,” said Dawson.

“Mood lighting should have been in there though,” chimed in “Unlocked” newcomer Ellie Chabraja  ’14 in hindsight. As you all probably know, everybody loves a little Marvin Gaye and a dimmer switch.

With sex as its only subject matter, how has “Unlocked” managed to avoid getting into a rut?

“There are a surprising amount of topics when it comes to sexuality,” said Dawson, an FGSS major. “People like to talk about their own experiences, so that’s kind of a well that never runs dry.”

So Wesleyan students like talking about sex. Who knew?

Editing a magazine like “Unlocked” comes with its share of sexcapades. As they begin preparation for the Spring 2012 issue, the editors are looking for ways to increase the publication’s presence on campus.

“We decided it would be fun to use ‘Wesbreasts,’” Dawson admitted.

“Wesbreasts,” a website that posts breasts images submitted by Wesleyan students, could be considered competition for “Unlocked” in the where-students-are-looking-at-their-friends’-naked-pictures market.

“We thought it would be really fun to take pictures in the Olin stacks, possibly the Weshop candy machines…I don’t know if I can say this in The Argus,” laughed Dawson.

So the next time you’re munching on that gummy watermelon next to the vending machine, go ahead and take a second to imagine who else was doing that right where you’re standing—and what they were, or rather, weren’t wearing.

This past semester, the “Unlocked” crew focused its attention on the year’s impending doomsday with their take on the Mayan calendar, “Apocalypse 2012.”

“The first half of the months are all different decades,” explained Dawson.

Beginning at a 50s-style underwear soirée and ending at a rowdy 21st century college party, January through June takes the viewer on a nostalgic tour of recent history’s sexier snapshots. The end of days strikes in July.

“The end of days is nearing; the Four Horsemen are approaching!” exclaims an unnamed character in Winnie Young’s “July” narrative; a character who will later command his listeners to remove their clothes. In addition to sensual photographs, each month features a stylized blurb that resembles an excerpt from an erotic story.

“Apocalypse 2012” is fun to read and even more fun to look at. For only five dollars, students can experience a much sexier Armageddon than the one coming our way this December (yikes!).

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