I believe that there is great value in spreading awareness for sexual and domestic violence, but I also think that the people on this campus are going about it in the most insensitive way possible. Spreading awareness by “chalking” quotes about rape or hanging banners for it in public places just re-traumatizes victims as they walk past. As a survivor of multiple sexual assaults, I would rather not think about it every time I am walking to the library or walking home; I already think about it enough times a day without the constant reminder. I do not need the words “rape” and “domestic violence” on ground that I am required to walk on. I have been actively avoiding walking on the most direct pathways on this campus so that I don’t have to re-experience thoughts or have constant reminders of my trauma. I have been cutting through the grass, jumping over fences, and doing everything possible to avoid these words. Although it may seem like just words, words can evoke strong reactions. I have suffered enough; don’t make me think about what happened every time I need to study or print something out. Protecting the victim is always the most important thing, and I do not feel as if my feelings and my right to walk to places on this campus are protected. I hope you continue spreading awareness in a way that makes victims feel less threatened. It is important to have that kind of awareness, but there must be a more thoughtful way to go about it.

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    this is a great point. can you suggest any alternatives?