It was in anticipation of Wednesday’s storm that Public Safety (PSafe) issued a weather and safety advisory on the Wesleyan campus and Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano declared a state of emergency in Middletown. Early that morning, the storm caused the collapse of a building at 505 Main Street.

Although the University sent out a e-mail on Tuesday warning the community against going outdoors due to the treacherous nature of the weather, the University as a whole did not shut down. According to President Michael Roth, despite unease about the intensity of the snowstorms, the University has an effective plan in order to deal with the snow.

“We have a team that’s been looking at where we can move snow and how we can keep the pathways safe,” Roth said. “A big problem is parking for faculty and staff of course. It’s still going to be cold, which means it’s going to be icy and making sure people can get around safely is our biggest concern.”

Roth said that administrators have drafted a memo outlining the conditions that warrant the shutdown of University operations.

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