At I read Wesleyan Professor Claire Potter’s statement that for many students, presumably those of color she was writing in defense of, going to Wesleyan “is an honor to them and a privilege to our community.” All five of my children are biracial and could self-identify as “black” in their applications for enrollment. However, I’m proud to say that they do not want to go through life wondering if the way to success has been made easier for them by well-intentioned opinions leaders in the community. They have always known that a meaningful university education has been expected of them – it is no more an honor to them that it would be for any other student. When you treat them as though it is somehow especially merit-worthy for them to attain success, you implicitly insult them. They are strong, intelligent people who neither need nor ask for help from anyone, particular one who doesn’t know the correct usage of “self-aggrandizing.”

Dorazio read an article titled “Wesleyan group’s ‘affirmative action bake sale’ sparks controversy” on He is not a member of the Wesleyan community.

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    The full quote from Prof. Potter’s email, “I cannot tell you how hurtful this event was to many of your fellow students, whose admission to this university, and presence in our classes, is an honor to them and a privilege to our community.”

    It is an honor and a privilege for everyone of us to be here. Prof. Potter was pointing out that the Bake Sale offended some students in that it questioned their qualifications. The Bake Sale *and NOT prof. Potter* suggested that for certain students “the way to success has been made easier for them.” I’m sure you can understand why students found the event offensive.

    Nowhere in her email or does she suggest applying standards of merit based on race.

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    This is a shit show.

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    why does the argus print this trash? can someone with absolutely no relation to wes shittalk a professor?