Thanks to the wonderful people over at Wesleying (for the tip), and the just as wonderful people on the ACB for making these, we have two totally Not Safe For Work Wes-Specific sites called–get ready…almost there….here it comes….

Thumbs up!

Go Wes!




[yes, there’s a typo. yes, it was because the other domain was taken. calm down.]

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The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon those with great vengeance and with furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee. Ezekiel 25-17.
  • Vinny “Da Juice” Tarandola

    late to teh party, once again

  • anon

    is someone now going to take this opportunity to write another article about the “diminishing” moral character of wesleyan?

  • Anonymous

    To point something out, the spelling error isn’t because the other domain is taken. It is simply because I can’t spell. I just couldn’t fix it because the other domain was taken

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Wesleying