Several minutes before midnight on Friday, a man exited the passenger seat of a stopped car on Lawn Avenue and approached a passing-by student.  The man greeted the student and proceeded to push him to the ground.

“He said ‘What’s up,’ specifically,” said the student, who wished to remain anonymous. “The next thing I know I was shoved to the ground and he walked away.”

There was no sign of aggression in the man’s expression before the assault, the student reported.

“He had a pretty blank facial expression,” the student said. “Again, it was really bizarre.”

According to Director of Public Safety (PSafe) Dave Meyer, a similar incident occurred several minutes later in the surrounding area.

“We had two reports come in within a few minutes of each other [on Friday night],” Meyer said. “They had the same description of the suspect and the vehicle.”

According to a Public Safety Alert sent in an all-campus e-mail early Saturday morning, the vehicle was described in both cases as a light-colored Honda and the individual was described as a six-feet-tall 20-24 year old African-American male.

“We’re hoping someone will give us more information,” Meyer said. “We do [Public Safety Alerts] for two reasons: to alert the community and to help us get information.”

There have been no new developments in the case since Saturday, according to Meyer.

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