In today’s Wespeak “In Response to ‘The Price is Wrong,’” Nina Wasserman argues that Mytheos Holt’s Feb. 26 critique of Melanye Price’s appointment to the University’s new Internship Coordinator position is mean-spirited and unnecessary. I fully agree with both of those assertions; however, I’d also like to point out several other holes in Holt’s argument. First of all, Holt asserts that Price will be “vested with the dangerously significant power of deciding which internships Wesleyan students can undertake for credit.” If Holt had read the Feb. 19 Argus article reference the new position more carefully, he would have seen the sentence that reads, “As coordinator, Price will help students navigate a variety of new internship options,” and “advocate on behalf of deserving students to various departments,” not divvy out credit as she pleases. It is the academic departments themselves that determine which internships merit credit.

Holt also argues that academics should not be charged with the job of helping students find jobs because “[a]cademics are strongly incentivized to seek tenure, which often means publishing as much as possible without regard to the content, whereas businesses in the real world are utterly indifferent about how much effort one puts in and care only about the content of one’s work.”  He then goes on to say that Price does not deserve this position because “given that Dr. Price could not even master the basic requirements of her own industry, it is foolish to think that she could advise students on how to master requirements of other ones.” If Holt really thinks that tenure is achieved by publishing as much bullshit as possible, then doesn’t it speak well to Price that she didn’t succeed in this empty endeavor?

Next time Holt takes the time to write a 1,000 word diatribe, he should make sure his argument is at least mildly legitimate.

  • ’11

    Holt is a major asshole and it’s people like him that gives ‘freedom of speech’ a bad reputation. He should just shut the hell up!!!

  • h.b. ’10

    don’t you just get it? Holt LOVES the attention. If we just all ignore him he would eventually shut the hell up

  • Vinny “Da Juice” Tarandola


  • David Lott, ’65

    So what happened to Holt’s original post? I can’t find a link to it. Did he withdraw it? Did the Argus delete it?

  • Mytheos Holt

    I withdrew it. There were legal threats and I decided that it would be wiser not to drag the Argus into my mess – also, they’ve forgotten to post multiple articles of mine in the past, so not having a controversial article on the website didn’t really bother me.

  • Wes Student

    “forgotten to post multiple articles of mine in the past”?
    The Argus is under NO obligation to publish any material from you or any other single individual student, Holt.

  • Mytheos Holt

    There were articles that were published in the print edition, thus things they’d already agreed to publish. I agree that they’re not obligated to write anything I write – that’s why I have editors.

  • Mytheos Holt

    Sorry, “These were articles” and “publish anything I write.” It’s late.

  • ’10

    Wesleyan can’t handle diversity of opinion