Some of our more astute readers have undoubtedly noticed a definite pro-vaccine bias at the Blargus. In recent weeks we have unabashedly encouraged our readership to get H1N1 vaccinations as they become available. However, in the interests of balanced journalism, I can’t resist posting these signs, which were spotted in Klekolo World Coffee on Court Street. The work of a man who goes only by Bob, the posters denounce the swine flu vaccine as a population control tool of the satanic New World Order. With powerful rhetoric and extraordinary syntax, one flyer states of the vaccine that “it is all free it won’t cost you anything   only your soul.” Another handwritten sign encourages readers to search on Yahoo for “nwo” in order to learn the dire truth: that 60% of the population will die from the vaccine. Truly chilling.

Most people are likely to denounce these fliers as either an elaborate joke or the work of a genuinely crazy person. But what everyone seems to be forgetting is that Obama is the Antichrist! I for one plan to refuse all swine flu shots, tear out my government-implanted mind control chip, and stop serving Satan once and for all. I hope you will, too.

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Daniel Nass is a freshman hailing from Arlington, MA. A prospective film major and unrepentant Music Snob, Daniel will be covering Wesleyan arts, culture, and more (probably).
  • Raff

    You are a nut, hope you get the swine flu fool!

  • Anonymous

    Go look it up yourself!! U the fool if u take the virus and think your not going to get sick!! Go… Go take your vaccine hope u don’t get cancer!!!! Fool?!?

  • Anonymous

    see – this is natural selection in action. This guy won’t get the vaccine, and is therefore more likely to get sick and thus more likely to be eliminated from the gene pool.

  • onetakejake

    ignorance is bliss isn’t it?


    Bayer has already on the recomendation of the FDA sold HIV contaminated blood to France, Japan and Africa not to mention the job the World health organization pulled on the people of Brazil and again Africa.
    They want 90% of us gone from what I can gather and surely the near certain fact that 9/11 was an inside job indicates ruthless killers capable of manipulation and murder !!!

  • Julia Baez

    Haha I like your sarcasm. At least, I hope you are being sarcastic.

  • Dantalion Jones

    There are some sick secrets out there about how to
    make total mind control slaves … unbelievable.
    Most of these secrets are in this book:

    How The Illuminati Creates a Total Mind Control Slave

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  • h1n1

    Ever since I got the shot I have been sick and have had allergies every season its crazy my idea or thought is if u need to pay for u to see a doctor then why is the cdc or the government giveing a away free shoots I pay for a tetness shot my kids get shots and I have to pay for them so just think about that why give billions of dollars away??????????????????????????? If it didn’t benefit them in any way um um !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mick Cee

    Here in Australia millions got the H1N1 vaccine and not one death ! Must have been a faulty batch.




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