Stephen P. Morgan’s pre-trial at the Middletown Superior Court on Tuesday, Oct. 20 was postponed until Dec. 15. Morgan, who was charged with fatally shooting Johanna Justin-Jinich ’10 last May, appeared in the court for the first time since early September.

Judge Patrick J. Clifford extended the pre-trial to December because recent search warrants have allowed police to continue gathering evidence. A trial date is likely to be determined on Dec. 15.

Evidence in recently released documents claim that Stephen P. Morgan was in Middletown as early as last December, five months before Johanna’s death. The documents also list the items found in Morgan’s car and hotel room, including his laptop and the book “The Protocols of the Elders of the Zion.” This evidence suggests that he may have been reading and watching anti-Semitic propaganda in the days before the shooting.

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  • Friendly Suggester

    Given all that is now going on with the lawsuit, maybe it would be wise to correct this article so that it reads Stephen P. Morgan rather than Stephen L. Morgan. I am sure Professor Morgan has no interest in bringing a lawsuit against the Argus, and this article is clearly about the Stephen Morgan in custody rather than Professor Morgan. Still, accuracy matters in these things.