Dear Journal, 


The plan for this week was to identify fan sites who we believe have such an obsession with the show that they will drop the activities of their everyday lives in order to help us on our quest (i.e. 40 year old virgins in their mother’s basements who thrive on Twinkies and World of Warcraft…and porn). Sadly, it appears that How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) fans don’t use the Internet, or at least are not able to make adequate fan sites. We found a grand total of 2 likely sites, and, and neither appear to be the kind that attracts fervent porn-loving HIMYM fanatics. In fact, they don’t even come up on the first page of Google hits when you search for HIMYM. This bodes ill for our fan-based attack plan.


We can still petition these sites to cover our story, but we’re not sure how much good it will do. In the mean time, we figure we’ll focus on the video. The basis is thus: As you fans of the show know, Marshall, Ted, and Lily all went to Wesleyan. Therefore, in our video, in an eerie PARALELL REALITY, Wesleyan students will be trying to get an interview with Marshall and Ted, since they are based on Bays and Thomas. AND bad things will happen if they don’t agree. Shenanigans will ensue. Eh? Don’t judge, it’s awesome. Oh, the threatening part will involve a gas mask…we haven’t quite worked that out yet. But, the point is, for this to work we need to have a funny script and believable actors. So, if you think you would be interested in helping out, shoot us an email a  HYPERLINK “” In fact, you could send us a myriad of things to this e-mail: suggestions, questions you would like to be asked in the interview, and even hate mail, because that would be funny. Only don’t. Because we cry easily. 

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