The campus community is mourning the loss of Johanna Justin-Jinich ’10, who was fatally shot around 1:00 p.m. Wednesday afternoon in Red and Black Café, located on the corner of William Street and Broad Street. Justin-Jinich, of Fort Collins, Colorado, had been working at the Café when Stephen Morgan, the suspect now identified as the alleged gunman in Wednesday’s shooting, approached the victim and shot her multiple times.

“It is with deep sorrow that I write to inform you that Johanna Justin-Jinich ’10 was killed by a gunman this afternoon at her job at Red and Black Café,” President Michael Roth wrote in an all-campus e-mail Wednesday night. “This is a devastating loss for Johanna’s family, friends, and for the entire Wesleyan Community.”

An all-campus e-mail sent out at 10:09 p.m. on Wednesday night identified Stephen Morgan as the alleged gunman in the shooting. Although The Hartford Courant reported that Morgan is 29 years old, Public Safety would not confirm his age. The University has released two photos of Morgan, one of which had been taken from a security camera located inside of Broad Street Books. Morgan is seen holding a gun in his right hand.

No further details of this man or whether he had any relationship to the victim have been released. Morgan currently remains at-large, and students have been advised to stay indoors and to report any suspicious activities to the Middletown Police Department (MPD). According to the e-mail, additional information will be released Thursday morning.

This information followed an earlier e-mail from President Michael Roth that reassured the campus community that the perpetrator of the shooting most likely was no longer on the Wesleyan campus. According to the e-mail sent at 5:02 p.m., Roth had been advised by the MPD that students could “return to their normal routines.”

Less than two hours later, an urgent security update was sent out to the campus community, first by text message at 6:50 p.m., followed by e-mail and a recorded voice message. According to the all-campus e-mail sent at 6:54 p.m., Vice President of Student Affairs Mike Whaley advised students to avoid large gatherings and to return to their residences for the rest of the evening. This change in security was based on new information that the administration had received by MPD. Students had planned on holding a vigil for Justin-Jinich, but the campus-wide e-mail advised against such gatherings.

At 7:10 p.m., an all-campus e-mail from Public Safety notified the community that based on “additional information found processing the crime scene, we would recommend Wesleyan students and Middletown residents remain vigilant.” According to the e-mail, the suspect is still at-large and “considered armed and dangerous.” This update caught many students by surprise—the University’s 5:02 p.m. e-mail had led many students to assume that the suspect had been caught and detained, and students could be seen roaming around campus shortly thereafter. Currently, students and the Wesleyan community are advised to remain indoors as the investigation proceeds, and to report any suspicious activities to the MPD.

  • The Beagle

    Shouldn’t the suspect’s physical characteristics be specified — height, weight, any tattoos/marks?

  • Political correctness will be the end of this country’s golden age

    Of course not! If we described him we could be construed as being racists who rely on racial profiling to ID people. We should simply describe him as a 29 year old gentleman. That way nobody will have a clue who to look for and maybe he can claim another victim. God forbid they say “white male” or “Hispanic male”. How insulting to DESCRIBE someone!

  • Weskid from ’06

    This is hardly the appropriate forum for your faux-ironical p.c. crap. No one is laughing at your poor caricaturization of the standard Wesleyan post-modernist ravings; they are merely, instead, shaking their heads at what incredibly poor taste you have.

  • wes guy from ’73

    …gun free zone…can’t happen here…

  • anon

    All campus e-mail only specified “white male with thin build.” Pretty vague. No further information regarding his physical characteristics has been released to the public.

  • fruits of media hate mongering

    Universities should be held liable for the antisemitism that they incubate and advertise.

    Any university allowing anti-Jewish hate groups to rally, advertise, recruit, produce films, etc, should be held accountable as accessories to murder or conspiracy to incite hate and violence.

    Hold them responsible. Also hold the internet sites, newspapers, radio and television that promote the same accountable. Hold them accountable for creating an atmosphere that encourages such hate crimes.

  • Anonymous Jew

    Wesleyan isn’t allowing anti-Semitism by any stretch of the imagination… An unrelated-to-Wesleyan, anti-Semitic man shot a Wesleyan student, and IS being held accountable.
    By no means is this Wesleyan “incubating” or “advertising” anti-Semitism.

    Wesleyan is very consciously against hate in general, and has one of the largest Jewish populations of any nondenominational college outside NYC. So don’t you worry.

  • Middletown native, “Atticus” employee 90-95 on and off, and journalist

    Guys I hate to be practical here but the public’s looking to you to post something to update us on the “real” scoop. Who what where when why how. What are all the news outlets saying, so we don’t have to click all over the place… I just mapped Stephen Morgan’s address in Marblehead Mass and it looks like he lived in a pretty nice neighborhood

  • Anonymous has what you’re looking for. All relevant news articles in one place. New info constantly being added.

  • Weskid from ’06

    Accusing Wes of anti-semitism is preposterous. The campus is overwhelmingly Jewish. “Fruits of the hate mongering media” obviously has no idea what xi is talking about, whatsoever.

    Argus staff: what the heck are you guys doing? Can you start deleting some of this inflammatory, ignorant and embarrassing nonsense?

  • fruits of media hate mongering

    Well, in Wes notwithstanding, it has been the subject of internet articles showing the existence of antisemitism in media including college campuses where it is openly displayed. This is a real fact that cannot be denied.

    You would be surprised iif you look closely and pay attention. There are some websites such as and that touch on the subject.

    Research for yourself|%20college%20anti%20semitism&hl=en&ned=us&tab=nw

  • Anonymous

    What are you talking about? No one’s denying that anti-semitism exists, and there was a psychotic, anti-semitic man who committed a violent crime on campus recently, but it’s totally unfair to label this as anti-semitism being “displayed” on campus.

    What point are you trying to make? That anti-semitism is bad? Ok, thanks.
    You are preaching to the choir when you type this on a Wesleyan University site.

  • Retta

    None can doubt the veracity of this atrilce.