The Spring Fling lineup has finally been announced—on May 6, King Khan and the Shrines, Clipse and Santigold will play on Foss Hill. 

Clipse and King Khan and the Shrines have been booked since the beginning of this semester, but the Social Committee of the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) wrapped up their deal with Santigold just last week.

“We’ve been really struggling to find a headliner for a few months now,” said Shira Knishkowy ’10, a member of the Social Committee. “Every band we wanted was either touring in Europe or doing festivals, or we didn’t have enough money for them.”

The Committee considered a four-band lineup with lesser known names before ultimately deciding on Santigold as a headliner. 

“We figured that Santigold would be better because we wanted to avoid the hipster backlash from getting two indie bands,” Knishkowy said. “People know her stuff; it’s pretty eclectic.”

The Committee’s goal was to bring a mixed group of artists to campus in order to please the varied music tastes of the student body.

“I think it’s a fantastic lineup,” said Aural Wes creator Anna Wiener ’09. “I think King Khan and the Shrines are going to be the Spring Fling band that everyone loves and . . . I’m excited to see what Santigold does because she seems very polished and professional.”

Although Santigold was only recently booked, the current lineup has technically been in the works for over a year.

“We wanted to bring Clipse last year because all of us [on the Social Committee] think they’re great,” Knishkowy said. “But they couldn’t do it last year, so they were one of our first wrap-ups this year.”

King Khan and the Shrines was chosen in part because Knishkowy previously worked for their record label, Vice Records. 

“I saw them this summer and they were the most exciting live show I’ve seen,” she said.

Wiener agreed that King Khan and the Shrines will be a highlight of Spring Fling.

“I think they’re going to provoke more energy and enthusiasm, which is great for an opener,” she said.

Knishkowy believes that the Social Committee’s efforts have paid off.

“We work really hard with the campus as a whole in mind,” she said. “We want a well-rounded Spring Fling and this year is one of the best we’ve had in terms of that goal.”

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