5. Old Spice Double Impact Body Wash: Sex columnist Dan Savage recently flipped his shit over this commercial, which features a half-man, half-horse rubbing himself in the shower, saying it’ll create a whole generation of centaur fetishists.  We thought he was overreacting…until we googled “boytaur.”


4. Bob Dylan Victoria Secret Commercial – We’re not sure what moved the king of 60s counterculture to cut his hair into a poodle mullet, and leer at a bunch of scantily clad models from behind gauzy curtains… but we do know this is about to become a “bad touch” situation.

Youtube search: Bob 


3. Quiznos Toasty Torpedo – An unsuspecting Quiznos employee is propositioned by his deep-voiced toaster oven, which keeps making masochistic demands. Creepy dialogue ensues:

Toaster Oven: Scott, I want you to do something.

Scott: I’m not doing that again…I burned.

Toaster Oven: We both enjoyed that. Now I want you to introduce my greatest creation: the new toasty torpedo.

Scott: The new toasty torpedo?

Toaster Oven: You make one.

Scott: Me?

Toaster Oven: Put it in me, Scott…Put it in me…


2. Shamwow: Shamwow commercials were creepy enough before (“It’s like a shammy! It’s like a towel! It’s like a sponge!), but after finding out that Vince Offer (real name: Vince Shlomi) beat up a cannibalistic hooker, all we can say is Sham…WOW.


1. Lowe’s: We don’t know what the fuck this commercial is supposed to be selling, but we do know it features a mutant army of flowers being shepherded down a street by fertilizer-dogs. Forget robots, forget zombies—now we have to deal with the rise of the plants.

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