Will Smith is cool and all, but if we honestly look at the respective quality of these albums, the Backstreet Boys inevitably come out on top. The Fresh Prince wrote some clever lines in his day, but by the time he released “Willenium” he was coasting. Nothing in Smith’s later oeuvre matches the lyrical wit and musical inventiveness of his early landmark collaborations with Jazzy Jeff. “Willenium” was little more than an embarrassment coming on the heels of the indelible classic, “Big Willie Style.”

With “Millenium,” on the other hand, the Backstreet Boys were at the height of their powers. The lead single, “I Want It That Way” fulfilled the promise of the entire second-wave boy band movement. The “Larger Than Life” video set a new standard…

Oh, who am I kidding? Will Smith is THE most important entertainer of our generation. Just look at his brilliance:

Here it comes the party of a lifetime
31st of December
Man I remember when the ball dropped for 90
Now it’s 9-9, ten years behind me
What’s gonna happen?
Don’t nobody know
We’ll see when the clock gets to 12-0-0
Chaos, the cops gonna block the street
Man who the hell cares?
Just don’t stop the beat
No time to sleep, yo it’s on tonight
K-C you feeling me right? (Yeah)
2-0-0-0, the Will 2 K
The new millennium, yo excuse me Willennium (yeah)
It can’t get thicker than this (Big Will)
Slick like Rick I can’t miss
(And we gonna party like it’s 19)
Hold up it is

Will Smith truly does own this millennium. Oh, excuse me. Willenium.

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