5. “Guilty (of Being White)” – Minor Threat
The usually bullshit-averse Ian Mackaye tried to justify this song by saying that it was inspired by feeling intimidated growing up as part of Washingston D.C.’s white minority. We have to wonder if he explained that to the gangs of skinheads who showed up to Minor Threat shows after they released this single.
4. “White Riot” – The Clash
Joe Strummer may have meant the line “Black people got problems, but they don’t mind throwin’ a brick” as a compliment. He may have spent too much time around punks.
3. “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)” – Weezer
Ha-fuckin-ha, Rivers Cuomo. You know, uninspired parodies of rappers’ bravado used to be just unfunny and mildly embarrassing for their creator. But their persistence into the 21st century is pretty much unforgivable.
2. “Rock and Roll Nigger” – Patti Smith
1. “Play That Funky Music, White Boy” – Wild Cherry
Reverse racism is not cool, guys! White people know they’re uncool–you don’t have to rub it in.

  • Anonymous

    “1. “Play That Funky Music, White Boy” – Wild Cherry
    Reverse racism is not cool, guys! White people know they’re uncool–you don’t have to rub it in”
    I don’t call blacks walking around with their arses hanging out their oversized pants and dancing like they’re trying to take a shit (or afraid of melting?) cool. Steve Mcqueen and Robert Mitchum are the definition of cool, not some apeish negro who speaks like an animal.
    Those skins at Minor Threat show, what the hell did they have to do with the reason for the original idea for that M.T. song?
    P.S. Here’s some real humor: Why don’t sharks eat blacks? Because they think they’re whale shit! hahahahahaha!!!!!!
    How do you fit 6 million Jews into a Volkswagon? 2 in the front, 3 in the back, the rest in the ashtray! hahahahahahaha!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Protip when reading this story: “Arts-related Humor department”

  • alana wyst

    Rock n roll Nigger drives me crazy…I really hate arty elitist b.s. people (vincent gallo, anyone) who think they are so far out of the bounds of ‘normal’ that they can get away with being obscenely insensitive. Patti Smith was just wrong, period.

  • Doctor What?

    This is where the old saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” Just the mere fact that you used the term “reverse racism” is mind boggling. Racism does not just flow one way. Anyone can be a racists! It is ignorance like this that keeps racism alive.

  • anthony

    Well I still am offended by the title of that Patti smith song, and even more offended because I once heard it’s was supposed to be about my idol jimi Hendrix!

  • Dixen Fartle

    ok im here 10 years later to tell you

    Inspiring racists (you know, like the president does) is the same as being racist. So fuck minor threat. Also white minority…ugh.

    If White Riot didn’t center around race then it’d probably be good…and I think the message is clearly anti-capital. It’s not like it’s an original idea though and the song doesn’t need to exist. Misguided.

    Just fuck weezer.

    The n- word was thrown around by a lot of white punks in the 70’s and 80’s (and by white hippies before them). The optimistic context is that they’re identifying with the downtrodden among them and trying to renounce their privilege…which you can’t do. Totally misguided but maybe sometimes forgivable? You decide. Patti Smith is a borderline hack.

    A shame that that wild cherry song is played so much. Repugnant.

    Also I agree with Hosoi down below.

    Absolutely fuck eminem.