Good news, everybody: rock is back. This past week, our friends over at the Eclectic Society finally started doing their duty and supplied the Wesleyan campus with some kick-ass music. The Argus had a lot of homework and didn’t make it to see experimental art-poppers AU, who gave the first Eclectic show of the year on Tuesday night. But we made time to see An Albatross.

I honestly have no idea what to call An Albatross. Is it noise? Is it metal? Is it thrash-doom-math-crust-core? I dunno, man. I do know that if you asked my eight-year-old self to imagine the archetypal rock and roll band, I would have dreamed up something pretty similar to An Albatross. The guitar was just a terrifying wall of distortion. The bass sounded like the footsteps of giants. There were some awesome space-rock type keyboards. There was a song called “Triumph of the Laser Viking.”

Meanwhile, frontman Eddie B. Gieda tried to make you ignore everyone else. He strutted, disrobed, hopped around and climbed furniture like a deranged hybrid of Robert Plant, Iggy Pop, and a lemur. These dudes basically proved just how evil rock and roll is; normally peaceful, gentle-hir-ly Wesleyanites were reduced a raving, moshing mob. Good job, An Albatross: it was fun. And you, dear reader, should make time to see some of the bands coming to our fair alma mater this semester.

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