Public Safety (PSafe) shut down two parties on campus this past weekend. The Middletown Police Department (MPD) arrived with a K-9 unit at 40 Fountain Avenue on Thursday, an uncanny presence in the wake of MPD’s clash with University students on the avenue last May.

Both PSafe and the MPD arrived on Thursday in response to separate noise complaints from Middletown residents regarding a performance by student band Barefoot Junction.

Director of Public Safety Dave Meyer asserted in an interview that the situation was an ordinary response to a noise complaint, and that all parties involved cooperated. Meyer said that he was expecting to receive such complains, and had warned the student hosting the party-performance that it would likely be shut down due to noise levels when the student had first registered the event.

Meyer was unsure as to why a K-9 unit was brought to the scene, but understood that the dogs were never unleashed from their vehicles. He attributed the multiple MPD vehicles on the scene to the fact that two of the vehicles belonged to MPD supervisors who came to examine the situation.

“Both Public Safety and the Middletown Police Department received noise complaints from different callers,” said Meyer. “We went [and] told the band to stop, found an unauthorized keg, and left—this was no problem call.”

On Friday night, PSafe broke up a party at Psi Upsilon after receiving a call from members of the fraternity indicating that an unwanted group of Middletown residents had entered the party.

“We responded to reports of unwanted persons, and identified and warned several local residents not to return,” Meyer said. “[Whether] they snuck in or were let in, we are still looking into that.”

Meyer added that the individuals at the party Psi U in no way fit the description of those involved in the alleged gunshot at a party on Pine Street the morning of Sep. 7. He believes that the recent occurrences of non-students attempting to enter University parties will not negatively impact the relationship between Middletown residents and the campus communities.

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