(If you’re a senior thesis enthusiast) Staring at your increasingly despised laptop screen, steeped in a putrid mix of misanthropy and total boredom, taking bets with yourself on the exact time and date you’ll crack under the pressure (AM I RIGHT SENIORS? YEAH WOOOO ’08)

(If you’re a freshman) Were my high school friends always this ultimately unsatisfying?

(If you’re a senior) Cuddling up with the gentle and forgiving blanket that is GRS: Brooklyn/Astoria/Crown Heights etc. etc. etc.

(If you can read/look at pictures) Comparing and Contrasting the Witticisms of the New York Journalistic Community in Response to Eliot Spitzer’s Boner Escapades (The pants-down cover of “The New Yorker” was the best)

(If you’re me) Professing disdain for “clichéd” nature of friends’ sunshine adventures, only to harbor fierce secret longing for hot tubs/banana scented oil/sunlight/fun/water slides/swimmies. Oh god, especially swimmies. Those were the days to be young.

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