About 30 Tibetan monks interrupted a foreign press tour of Lhasa’s central Buddhist temple on Thursday. The monks called for Tibet’s independence and denounced the actions of the Chinese government, who sponsored the press tour in an attempt to stem criticisms about their reaction to the monks’ earlier protests. China will host this summer’s Olympic Games.

The North Korean government ordered South Korean officials to leave the country within three days on Thursday. The announcement came after new South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak, said Wednesday that it would not economically cooperate with North Korea until the country agreed to dismantle its nuclear weapons programs.

The Florida Legislature issued a formal apology for the state’s participation in the slave trade over a century ago. The legislature’s actions make the state the sixth to release such a statement, following North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey. Florida’s connections with the slave trade extend back to the 15th century.

Governor of Puerto Rico Anibal Acevedo Vila denied the 19 crimes a federal indictment charged him with on Thursday. The charges, in connection with the funding of three political campaigns from 1999 to 2004, include conspiracy to violate United States campaign laws and making false statements to federal investigators. Twelve others were indicted along with Vila.

The inventor of the Mc-Donald’s popular breakfast sandwich, the Egg McMuffin, died in his Santa Barbara home on Tuesday. Herb Peterson, who was 89, created the sandwich in 1972. It was first introduced in a Santa Barbara McDonald’s restaurant owned by Peterson and his son.

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