I have never seen any article more completely wrong than the article, “America’s Own ’School of Assassins’” (Emily Greenhouse, Friday, Feb. 1). Every allegation in it is drawn directly from the SOAWatch (School of America Watch) website.

Instead of refuting the allegations one by one, I’ll just say there is not one example of anyone using what he learned at the school to commit a crime—not one! To blame the school for acts by people who had at some point been there with no evidence of a connection is a moral libel of the soldiers who taught there.

There is no “sophisticated curriculum,” but a variety of professional courses (you can find details of the current list on the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation or WHINSEC web site). Students come for a course and return to their jobs. See if you can make a connection to anything illegal, immoral or unethical.

We are open to visitors any workday, so why not come sit in on classes, talk with students and faculty, review our instructional materials? Many other students have done so. Do your own research, rather than take the word of a fraudulent organization that cynically uses sincere people to trespass onto Fort Benning only for the publicity.

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