Why are we all being punished for a few stupid people?

The senior class officers did not cancel December cocktails to punish our class for the actions of a few people. We were simply given no choice. The planning and booking of cocktails happens months in advance. To find a new bus company who would be willing to do the job, given the circumstances, and would be within our budget, combined with the short time until the next event would have been nearly impossible. Because the event cannot be held anywhere that doesn’t require transportation, it was simply not feasible for it to happen at all.

Many people have asked us why they have to pay for the actions of a few people. Unfortunately, disrespect was widespread that night. Yes, it was one person that assaulted the head of the bus company. However, it was more than a few people who left drug paraphernalia on the bus that kids would be riding in a few hours (a fact that everyone was made aware of). It was more than a few people who left behind bottles, which a driver then fell on and was put out of work for weeks. It was more than a few people who verbally abused the bus drivers. And it was more than a few people who were disrespectful on the buses, and who destroyed property at the venue and upped the cost even more.

Were we really worse than the previous years?

The bus company has been frustrated by actions of past classes, but all of these incidents combined were the last straw. So, there will be one less senior event this year. We’re seniors, and we are just as disappointed as you are; we had a sweet theme picked out already. But we should all keep in mind that we are very lucky that Wesleyan allows us to do these events at all. None of our peer institutions do anything of this scale; this is not something we are necessarily entitled to. We know that we all want to be able to go a little nuts with our class once and a while. But should our fun be at the expense of others who are working to facilitate the event?

Despite this setback, Senior Events WILL continue this year and for future classes. We are already busy looking for transportation and booking venues for events in the spring semester that will celebrate our last year here in style. We encourage people to reflect on what happened and think about how we can make future senior events better. As usual, if you still have questions or comments, email seniorclass@wesleyan.edu.

Why can’t we have cocktails at Mocon or Fayreweather?

Cocktails cannot take place on campus in general for various reasons. First, having an event on campus exclusive to one class or any kind of faction of the student body is almost impossible because we have no means of ensuring that the event remains exclusive. We also do not have the financial resources to hire outside help to check IDs, work as security, and carry out the various tasks that are both required and necessary for the execution of these events. Furthermore, some aspects of cocktails that are typically expected by the seniors would not comply with school event policies. We understand many of you thought this was an ingenious idea but it can’t work. In addition, Mocon is no longer functioning. It does not have heat or electricity, so it cannot even begin to suffice as a potential venue.

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