An article published in last Friday’s issue, entitled “Prohibition comes to Wes? All-campus ban of hard liquor considered,” stated that Assistant Dean of Student Services Scott Backer proposed changes in campus alcohol policy before the Drug Enforcement Policy Subcommittee, which he chairs.

These statements contained several inaccuracies. Dean Backer did not formally propose the changes discussed within the article. Additionally, the name of the committee that Backer chairs is the Policy and Enforcement Subcommittee, which is under the Alcohol and Other Drugs Committee (AOD).

Finally, the potential changes discussed within the article are not formal proposals, as the article stated, but three of several suggestions presently being considered by the Policy and Enforcement Subcommittee. According to Lisa Currie, director of Health Education and Chair of the AOD, these suggestions were culled from recommendations put forth in the 2004-2006 Biennial Review, a federally mandated report that assesses alcohol policy and preventative programs on campus. The AOD then gathered these recommendations into a Strategic Plan, providing each of the AOD’s four subcommittees with a multitude of suggestions and ideas to consider.

Finally, readers should note that the above misstatements were the result of editorial, not authorial, oversight. We apologize if readers were misled by the content of the article.

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