Belly Boat

A melodic piano/accordion songwriter duo; band members Silvie Margot Deutsch ’09 and Zoe Ruth Cusmus Latta (RISD ’08) say, “We started playing together when our high school boyfriends collectively dumped us, and we started learning to play Amélie songs and playing them on the street to forget our unrequited love.”

The High Lonesome

This self-described “Old Time Folk String Band” cites The Memphis Jug Band, Django Reinhardt, Woody Guthrie and Parliament as some of its influences. Featuring members Anna Roberts-Gevalt ’09, Ben Seretan ’10, Emily Troll ’10, Gus Seixas ’10 and Eric Sherman ’10.

Red Wire Black Wire

Lead singer Doug Walters ’08 says their music is “some combination of Ratatat, Postal Service, and The Magnetic Fields.” Though their recordings are largely synth based, the band plays live with a cello, two guitars, a drummer, a synth, and vocals with other members Ted Feldman ’09, Jill Jaffe ’09, Zac Meyer ’08 and Dave Snydacke ’09.

The Ebb and the Flow

This band’s music is a reflection of its diverse background, fusing many styles into an eclectic brand of hip-hop, including funk, pop, jazz and Latin rhythms. The group—Michael Berger ’08, Christina Boyd ’10, Dave Eastman ’07, Jake Gold ’09, Christian Komecki ’08, Luke Mecklenburg ’07 and Jess Myhre ’09—says, “We combine crowd-moving grooves and social commentary to provide a thought-provoking and energetic experience.”

Ben Seretan/The Cowardly Lionel

Ben Seretan ’10 says he is “Mostly solo with electric guitar (still loud!!), sometimes acoustic (banjo?!), a lot of times with friends helping me out on drums or whatever I decide on a whim.” A Wesleyan music scene staple not to be missed.

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