Name: ardj

Group members: David Abravanel ’08
Rod O’Connell ’08
Andy Aylward ’08
Joe Mariglio ’07

Group type: Small ensemble.

Formed in: 2005.

Style/sounds like: A dot matrix printer.

Q: Since you guys do a lot of individual work, what is the collaboration process like? How does it work?

A: Take a deadly Portuguese man o’ war, and stick it in a large jar of bleach. Collaboration comes naturally, and some times more chaotically than others. Rehearsal is forbidden—live in the moment!

Q: What is the range of media/instrumentation you use?

A: We use computers, microphones, synthesizers, Devin Drew Connelly, and hamburger meat (really, Joe did it once).

Q: Describe your individual styles and what you think each adds to the group collectively:

A: Rod- utilizing natural hardware and software malfunctions.
Joe- wikipedia the entry on Discrete Wavelet Transform.
Dave- algorithmic generative sequences with a popping beat, yo.
Andy- I like that wooowowoowoowoooowoowoomp and bass, and filter sweeps and like bit rate reductions. And the push pull hi hat thing. Ok.

Q: What was your favorite performance? How do you feel about the
performance aspect of electronic music?

A: We’ve played some excellent, throbbing dark-room euphoria sets. Plus, we totally played the Albany bluegrass festival two years ago.

Q: Upcoming shows?

A: Sleep concert during reading week. Contact Dave on Facebook for more info.

Place to hear you/find out more: Dave –, Rod –, Joe-, Andy –

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