Wesleyan’s Davison Health Center is pleased to announce the availability of rapid HIV testing.

The tests will be performed using a drop of blood from a fingerstick specimen. The results will be provided approximately 30 minutes after obtaining the specimen as part of the same visit. The cost of the test will be $30, billable to the student account.

During the initial phase-in period, this HIV test will be offered only by appointment with Allison Knauerhase, our HIV counselor, and with Davis Smith, one of our physicians. Appointments with Dr. Smith may be made for HIV testing only or as part of a full Sexual Health Evaluation visit. After the phase-in period the test will be available with all providers.

All providers will continue to offer oral swab or blood HIV tests via the state for $27, with the results provided at a follow up visit 2 weeks after the tests, as well as blood HIV tests via Quest labs for $45 with the results provided at a follow-up visit 3 business days after the test.

To schedule an appointment for an HIV test, please call the Health Center at (860)685-2470. If applicable, please specify that you wish to schedule a rapid HIV test. If demand is heavy, the wait for these visits may be prolonged.

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