It seems not that long ago that the opening of the new Usdan Campus Center was 4-5 years down the road. We are now looking at only six months until that momentous occasion. Wesleyan Station would like to do everything possible to make our students’ transition to the new facility as smooth and efficient as possible.

Each student will have their own mailbox in the new location which means that all students’ mailing addresses will change. We hope to be able to communicate new addresses as soon as mid-April.

When students are given their new mailing address and box number they will also be supplied with Change of Address forms. These forms can be used to communicate change of address information to credit card companies, banks, and magazine publishers. Students will also be provided with preprinted postcards with an “I have moved” message for friends and family. We are exploring the option of online postcard notifications.

The upside of taking time to communicate your change of address is mail will arrive accurately addressed so that it can be efficiently placed in your new mailbox. If you do not change your address there is a definite downside, a certain delay in receiving mail. Every piece of mail that is addressed improperly will need to be looked up in a database to be routed to the appropriate box number. Magazines will not be forwarded. The more mail which arrives with improper addresses, the longer it will take to process and redirect it.

Please watch for our event coming in April. Make it a point to attend so that you can get all the tools necessary to make sure that you will receive your mail in a timely manner.

We are anticipating the move and the opportunity to provide new and improved services for you, our most important customers!

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