A Guide to Finals Study Locations from Your Trusty Opinion Editor

December 6, 2019, by Tobias Wertime, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

Dearest Wesleyan Community. The time has arrived. To my freshmen friends, colleagues, and readers, I welcome you to the first finals season of your college careers. You have probably heard your older friends and family members talk about their difficulties in finals seasons past, and they may have exacerbated your fears for what the next […]

The Masochistic Merits of Sadness

November 22, 2019, by Matthew Rubenstein, Contributing Writer . Leave a Comment

There is a scene, an admonition, that I have witnessed on television, in real life and in my head. “Do not fetishize your sadness!” says some agent of 21st-century wisdom. “I don’t!” replies some deviant in denial. It makes sense that we young people would encounter this. Young people, like most people, have sadness, and as […]

Why You Should Use the OurCampus Review App

November 22, 2019, by Daniel Knopf, Staff Writer . Leave a Comment

It’s almost the end of the semester, which means that the cat is out of the bag; and by cat I mean spring 2020 schedules, and by bag I mean the nothingness from which a computer algorithm produced said schedules. Now that the general Wesleyan public knows the vagaries of their class load for the […]

Tracking Canada Goose: How the Coats Gained Their Symbolic Power

November 22, 2019, by Katie Livingston, Assistant Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

When I first arrived on campus a semester ago, I didn’t have a coat so much as a hoodie and a long-sleeved shirt to put under it and thin jacket-like thing to put over it. I was arrogant about my ability to endure the cold and too stubborn to drop cash that I thought would […]

The Case Against Canada Goose

November 15, 2019, by Trent Babington, Staff Writer . 6 Comments

What is Canada Goose? To some people, it’s just a clothing brand. They make great winter jackets. To others, it’s something more. “It’s a clothing brand; they make winter jackets for rich people,” they’ll say. “Their products cost between $500 and $1500.” Many people hate Canada Goose. Many people like wearing Canada Goose, but don’t […]

Why Divestment Falls Short of Its Intended Goals

November 15, 2019, by Tom Hanes, Staff Writer . 1 Comment

Unfortunately, divestment will have no effects whatsoever. As I see it, there are three arguments in favor of divesting from fossil fuels. The first is a confusion about the stock prices of declining companies. The second is a confusion about trends in energy production. The third is a confusion on what investment is. The confusion […]

The Capitalistic Ethics of a Skin Care Routine

November 15, 2019, by Katie Livingston, Assistant Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

I recently read an article from The Atlantic entitled “The Best Skin-Care Trick: Be Rich.” In it, the author describes a game she likes to play “in Manhattan’s ritzy neighborhoods” called “Famous or just rich.” The premise of the game is this: Those who are “just rich” are able to trick your brain into thinking, […]

Keep Dining Halls Closed Over Break. I Like Being Hungry.

November 8, 2019, by Trent Babington, Staff Writer . Leave a Comment

The Friday of fall break, I set my alarm to 11 a.m. and go to bed at midnight. Weshop doesn’t open until 2 p.m., and I don’t want to get hungry before lunch. The next morning, I eat breakfast at noon in my dorm. I feel off from messing up my eating schedule, and tired […]

Is Wes Queer Enough?: Exploring the Lack of Queer Cohesion on Campus

November 8, 2019, by Ben Togut, Contributing Writer. Leave a Comment

On Friday, Oct. 25, HOUSE hosted HalloQween, the first drag show of the season, hosted at The Workshop in Hewitt. The show was a great success, with fiery performances by queens such as Miznomer (Ariel Munczek Edelman ’20), Princess Vi (Hillel Friedland ’22), and Kitsch Enade (Michael Montoya ’20). It was an especially exciting night […]

A Right to an Opinion Is Not a Right to a Platform

November 8, 2019, by Katie Livingston, Opinion Editor. Leave a Comment

On Sept. 6, 2015, the Argus Opinion section ran the article “Why Black Lives Matter Isn’t What You Think.” The article mischaracterized the Black Lives Matter movement and, among several other problems, suggests that the movement could be characterized as a hate group. The campus responded with outrage, there were debates about cutting funding to The Argus, […]

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