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I walk the white path of revenge between heaven and hell. I move like mist and strike like thunder.

The Rocktimist: Deeper Into Metal


In the past few weeks I accomplished something I’ve been striving to do for years: I got into metal. Now a few of y’all are doubtlessly scratching your heads and wondering why I would want to do such a thing. And I’ve got a bucketful of reasons. First of all, I’m always happy when I […]

The Rocktimist: “More Than We’ll Ever Learn In School”

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First of all, I should explain the name “The Rocktimist.” There are two schools of pop criticism: Rockism and Poptimism. Rockists value originality and authenticity, poptimists value craftsmanship. Rockists like shows, poptimists like music videos. Rockists value music scenes, poptimists say scenes get incestuous and solipsistic. Rockists say music should express moral values, poptimists say […]

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