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I walk the white path of revenge between heaven and hell. I move like mist and strike like thunder.

The Rocktimist: Anatomy of a “Fuck You”

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Howdy. Welcome back, comrades. Or in the case of freshmen, transfers, or new readers, welcome. I’m your friendly neighborhood Rocktimist, and I want to talk to you about Cee-Lo Green. I’ve been aware of Cee-Lo for some time, but I must admit I underestimated the man. I liked “Crazy” as much as anyone, but I […]

The Rocktimist: RIP, You Asshole


If you asked me a few weeks ago what I thought of Malcolm McLaren, it would have taken me all of a second to call him an asshole. But McLaren died of a heart attack at 64 last Thursday, and I feel just a tad bit uncomfortable attaching such an appellation to someone who can […]

The Rocktimist: Goodnight, Sweet Fall Out Boy


I’d like to use my first post of the new year to draw some attention to a momentous event that passed mostly unnoticed this week: on February 2, Fall Out Boy announced to little fanfare that they had broken up. Let’s not cry too hard, now: the band’s fifteen minutes were decidedly up, and, as […]

The Rocktimist: Seven version of one great song


Generally I don’t like blogs of the “hey look at this wacky thing I found on youtube” format. But I’ve found a doozy of a wacky thing on youtube, and I really can’t contain my enthusiasm. It’s actually not a wacky thing. It’s a series of things which are wacky in and of themselves, but […]

A letter from the editor: Sex Parties, Google, and The Blargus


Howdy readers, While I am one of the chief executives of The Wesleyan Argus International Media Group, I generally limit my interference with The Blargus to the occasional Rocktimist column. Today, however, I feel it is my duty to relate a discovery I recently made. Allow me to illustrate: Kindly direct your gaze to rightwards, […]

The Rocktimist: No Future In England’s Dreaming (Mostly)

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We’re approaching the end of the decade. It’s pretty terrifying. This is going to be the fourth decade I’ve lived in. How is that even possible? Good God, I’m going to be middle aged so so soon – As you can see, as we reach the close of the aughts othere is an enormous temptation, […]

The Rocktimist: Underrated In The Aughts

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If you hadn’t heard, we’re coming to the end of a decade. This is apparently very important. Actually, I have no problem with end-of-the-decade lists, because I think they’re useful critical tools for identifying the admirable traits of the music (or television or film or literature or whatever) of our age. But I don’t really […]

The Rocktimist: Reasons To Be Thankful

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Everyone knows that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by cynicism and forget the simple joys in life. We can get caught up in hating the huge portion of the world that sucks, and ignore all the things that make us happy. That’s why Thanksgiving is a great holiday. Leaving aside the holiday’s unfortunate historical baggage, […]

The Rocktimist: The Ball’s Back In Your Court, Gaga

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Earlier this week when our esteemed Blargus editor, Gianna Palmer, posted Lady Gaga’s new video for “Bad Romance,” I was caught a little off guard. I was made aware of the clip midway through last week, and I had meant to comment on it, but Gianna got there first. I really wanted to get the […]

The Rocktimist: In Defense of Total Trash

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At the end of my last column I said I was going to write about how guilty pleasures don’t (or at least shouldn’t) exist, and I will do just that: The Rocktimist’s word is his bond. But frankly, it’s sort of hard to make this argument, because the concept of the guilty pleasure is pretty […]

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