Mytheology: You’ve Been Trolled

by Mytheos Holt, . 27 Comments

“The villainy you teach me I will execute, and it shall go hard, but I will better the instruction.”

Mytheology: Wesleyan Viewed from the Right

by Mytheos Holt, . 19 Comments

As Wesfest dawned on campus this past week, and as the admissions office was preparing to welcome perhaps the most highly qualified class Wesleyan has yet admitted, an unpleasant reminder of the campus’s activist underside once more reared its head.

Mytheology: The Unspecified Deific Figure That Failed

by Mytheos Holt, . 4 Comments

It is no secret that a recent literary contribution to this paper has awakened the sleeping giant of Wesleyan consensus liberalism, in what may be (inadvertently) the most interesting challenge to Wesleyan’s “diversity” fetish yet conceived.

Mytheology: Don’t Haze Me, Bro!

by Mytheos Holt, . 4 Comments

In a truly stunning display of administrative necromancy, Wesleyan’s powers-that-be resurrected a dead feud this past month from the graveyard of broken policies.

Mytheology: We’re What They Own

by Mytheos Holt, . 1 Comment

Amidst all of the furor over President Obama’s historic (though not necessarily desirable) achievements in the realm of health care reform, it is easy to ignore the finer points of the Democratic agenda which were pushed forward concurrently with the bill passed last Sunday night.

Mytheology: The Brown Noise

by Mytheos Holt , . 1 Comment

It has been a month since Senator Scott Brown won his surprise victory over Martha Coakley in a race for the seat once thought reserved only for the liberal lion Ted Kennedy, a veritable Mufasa among the Left.

Mytheology: Macdonough v. Board of Education

by Mytheos Holt , . 1 Comment

As Chief Justice John Roberts has noted, in the case Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District, “the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

Mytheology: Wesleyan Viewed from the Right – Burn the Rich!

by Mytheos Holt, . 3 Comments

Over winter break, Wesleyan was hit with a scandal, the likes of which has rarely been seen on our beloved campus: Thomas Kannam, the erstwhile Chief Investment Officer for the University, resigned under mysterious circumstances, only later to be sued by the University for $3 million.

Mytheology (Wesleyan Viewed From the Right…and the West Coast): A Joint Partnership

by Mytheos Holt, Ancient Conserva-Blarger. 13 Comments

Author’s Note: Observing the current controversy over the election of Mr. Giant Joint, it has become immediately apparent to me that a brief exit from my Winter Break oasis of literary isolation in the California hills is not only appropriate, but essential. Though my original plan had been to leave the topic for my first […]

Mytheology: You ARE Wesleyan?!

by Mytheos Holt , . 7 Comments

This document is wholly a work of fiction—given that no Admissions office employee would ever draft anything so honest, even in jest.

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