After a long year and a half of Zoom University, adjusting back to college life (or adjusting for the first time!) isn’t for the faint of heart. We have all become accustomed to awkward breakout room “interactions,” way too many walks to kill time, and watching an abundance of “Day in the Life” videos. But don’t fret! We, The Argus, are here to give you frosh the right advice to function semi-effectively at this established institution! 


For whatever reason, people love to go to class early to get seats/settled in so try and get there a few minutes early. Also, don’t forget that Drop/Add is two weeks long for a reason—if you’re not sure about a class, stay in it for the first few classes because you still have time to decide. 

-Hannah Docter-Loeb ’22 Editor-in-Chief 

Make at least one friend in each of your classes and exchange numbers. When you’re panicked about the homework or need to ask someone for notes, you’ll have someone to frantically text. If they’re also confused, then hey, it’s something to bond over. 

-Katarina Grealish ’23, Features Editor

When looking for classes, always ask around about how the professor is. Even if the class description sounds weird, if the professor is good, it doesn’t matter! A good professor will make even the driest-sounding class super interesting.

-Annie Roach ’22, Features Editor 


Try out different places on campus the first week to see what you like! Are you a Sci-Li or an Olin person? Maybe you like to sit under a nice tree. There’s plenty of nice spots around campus outside and in really random buildings, so find a spot and claim it early.

-Olivia Ramseur ’23, Features Editor

A key component of college is figuring out how to do the reading without actually doing all of the reading. Believe me—if you try to read word for word, you will end up spending your whole week in Olin. Try setting yourself a reasonable time limit and pulling out important concepts, themes, and questions to inform your participation in class.

-Emma Smith ’22, Editor-in-Chief 

Explore Middletown and find a favorite coffee shop for when you’re sick of being on campus and need a change of pace. 

-Katarina Grealish ’23, Features Editor


Save your points for the end of the semester if possible. Nothing is better than an 11:00 p.m. Yerba Mate from Weshop during the middle of finals season.

-Oliver Cope ’23, Features Editor

Find upperclassmen friends and ask them to buy meals at Swings and other points-only places for you. We have too many points and are always happy to fund a meal or two!

-Annie Roach ’22, Features Editor

Make sure to try the apple crisp from Usdan!

-Jo Harkless ’24, Assistant Features Editor

Social Life:

Find an extracurricular that’s pure fun, and not just additional work for you. It’s always helpful to have a regular activity that you’re looking forward to and which hopefully leaves you feeling recharged!

-Adam Hickey ’22, Social Media Editor

Set reasonable limits for yourself each day and once you have completed your goal, free your mind completely from your work, live in the moment, and enjoy time with your new friends. 

-John Vernaglia ’22, Sports Editor

We should get a meal sometime!” will never result in a meal. Plan where and when to go. That one meal can lead to a lasting friendship, so be sure to make it happen!

-Olivia Ramseur ’23, Features Editor

Have safe sex.

-Anonymous Sports Editor