c/o Gemmarosa Ryan, Staff Photographer

c/o Gemmarosa Ryan, Staff Photographer

The Office of Residential Life (ResLife) is instituting a new move-out policy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the hopes of streamlining the spring 2021 move-in process in the safest way possible.

All students on campus are required to turn in their keys before leaving for winter break, according to an all-campus email from ResLife on Nov. 6. Students whose petitions to remain on campus over winter break have been approved are exempt from this policy. 

Before leaving campus, students must return their keys in envelopes to one of three key drop-boxes on campus: one between North and South College, one at the Exley Science Center parking lot off Lawn Avenue, and one at the Admissions parking lot off Wyllys Avenue. 

Underclassmen and juniors who do not return their key before the break will be placed at the end of their class for housing selection, and seniors will be charged for a lock change, which costs approximately $200.

In addition to this policy change, ResLife is also asking students who live in a double occupancy room to put all their belongings away in desks, dressers and closets or label them in case students are not able to return for the spring semester.

“On the outside chance that something happens between now and February 9 and we can’t open up again in the spring that will be easier for people to identify what has to be packed and shift or come back and get their things,” ResLife Director Frances Koerting said. “Because that’s a long period of time from now until then to know what might end up happening in the country.”

Upon returning to campus in the spring, students must get a COVID-19 test before picking up their keys and entering their residences. 

“We really want to make sure that students are tested when they get back to campus,” Koerting said.

Additionally, Koerting hopes that students will be able to pick up their keys close to the COVID-19 testing site in Beckham Hall.

“We will probably be set up right wherever the testing is or really close to it so students will go get tested and get their keys right away,” Koerting said. “It won’t be like in the fall, where we’re spread all across campus, so [it will] be a lot easier for students.” 


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