Amidst the culture of curiosity cultivated on Wesleyan’s campus, one question has come to surface on everybody’s mind: what is that little hut with 3 walls, 1 opening, and a roof made out of “schach” doing on the green outside of Alpha Delt? The answer to this astute and thoughtful question is as simple as it is exciting: it is the Wesleyan Jewish Community’s sukkah in its ***brand new location****!!!!

A sukkah is a temporary ‘home’ built for the Jewish holiday of sukkot. The structure is used to recall and commemorate the Jewish peoples’ 40 years of wandering in the desert after being freed from slavery in Egypt. There are many components of the week-long holiday, but spending time in the sukkah is perhaps the most significant. Doing literally anything inside of there counts as a mitzvah, or good deed.

This year, the Wesleyan sukkah is in an extra central, supremely lush location! The WJC will be hosting a number of events in it, including a sleepover (10/14), a dinner and open-mic (10/15), and more. All are invited and encouraged to attend, and/or visit the sukkah on their own time! Decorations will be hung soon.

More information on sukkot happenings is available here:


Adina Gitomer is a member of the class of 2020.

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