Looking for some new music to listen to? Well, look no further, your professors just might have the answer. In this week’s Professor’s Playlist, we get a closer look into what three of our favorite professors have been playing.

c/o npr.org

c/o npr.org

Andrea Roberts, Associate Professor of the Practice in Chemistry

Cantata 6 and Cantata 179, Johann Sebastian Bach

I have been spending a lot of time on YouTube listening to performances of Bach’s Cantata 6 and Cantata 179. These are two pieces that we will be performing in November with the student/faculty/community singing group playfully called Ad Hoc Bach. Prof. [Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music] Nadya Potemkina leads this group. Each semester we perform two cantatas at the concert, along with other musical performances by Wesleyan students, staff, faculty, and community members. November’s concert will be our 5th. It is challenging, but such wonderful music to perform.

c/o tvovermind.com

c/o tvovermind.com

Douglas Martin, Assistant Professor of the Practice in Creative Writing

“Every Single Night,” Fiona Apple

“This came back up for me into my head with the credits roll concluding that first season of ‘Euphoria,’ a moment when worlds come together. My mate largely picks our series. The once I saw her in concert, I left when she donned angel wings for ‘Criminal,’ but her scowl-pout at the audience she was in throughout some awards show beside her beau at the time, Paul Thomas Anderson, warmed me quickly back to her. The ‘what I am is what I am cause I does what I does’ of her song is right up there for me with how Polly Jean’s South Pacific riff gives another life to ‘Sheela-Na-Gig.’”

c/o rollingstone.fr

c/o rollingstone.fr

Dana Royer, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences

“True Love Will Find You in The End,” Daniel Johnston

“With Daniel Johnston’s recent passing, I’ve been revisiting some of his albums. ‘True Love Will Find You In The End’ and ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’ are both standout tracks.”




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