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Halloweekend is always a jam-packed time for students at the University. This year particularly, over nine official events in program houses occurred over the two-day span, leaving the study body scattered. The Argus spoke to a few students about how their weekend went, and whether it was more tricks or treats.

Saadia Naeem ’20 separated her weekend into highlights and lowlights.

“Highlights of Halloween weekend was that my friend Zarah was visiting from home, and her and I dressed up as Netflix and Chill,” Naeem said. “It actually ended up going very well and allowed us to get creative. I think a lowlight was that I personally still had a lot of midterms, and so I was pretty stressed which sucked.”

Naeem noted that she wished the University got more into the spooky Halloween spirit during parties.

“Highlight was also seeing the different costumes that people had, but lowlight was that I wish people maybe put in a little more effort to make their costumes scary,” Naeem said. “I wish that over all more spooky things like movies and stuff were happening this weekend that was not necessarily just a party. Like more real Halloween parties where you drink punch with eyeballs in it and scary looking cookies and a ton of candy and maybe watch a scary movie…but alas. This is college.”

Emily Litz ’20 felt ostracized for her decision not to wear a costume.

“I was thinking about how everyone is divided on whether or not to respect those who choose to come as nothing,” Litz said. “I personally think that it makes those who did dress up feel foolish and not respected or supported. I think all Wesleyan students are in the position to use what they have and come up with something.”

Litz noted that a highlight of her weekend was the Earth House concert on Saturday with Kevin Holliday and Roach Girl and expressed a desire for “more normal music.”

“It would be cool to have trick or treating in dorms, or something,” Litz said. “Just to be more festive. I don’t know.”

Ryan Keeth ’20 was disappointed by Public Safety’s involvement in Friday night’s activities. That night, Psi Upsilon’s event had been shut down early due to several students falling unconscious, in need of immediate medical attention.

“Psafe severely restricted students’ access into Psi U on Friday night, and this was long before whatever medical emergency occurred,” Keeth said. “The building wasn’t even close to being at capacity, but there were Psafe officers outside preventing anyone from going inside. The line to get in went all the way down the block. On the inside, it was weirdly empty and the lack of people made it a really uncomfortable, unenjoyable atmosphere. I’m not in Psi U, but it seems like they’ve done a lot to accommodate the requests of the school and adapt to the changing campus climate. I feel like the school owes it to them to help them host parties and continue to be a social presence on campus.”

According to Keeth, campus administration and nightlife must work together in order to create a positive environment for students.

“Inhibiting events at places like Psi U will backfire, either by leading people to seek out fun in less supervised places or by leading people to choose different schools with better social scenes altogether,” Keeth said.

On the other hand, Nick Catrambone ’21 appreciated the University’s social scene for its wide spread of social options.

“I think that what Wesleyan does well, in general, but also on Halloweekend, is that there is a variety of parties you can go to,” Catrambone said.“Like you can do Fountain, but also like, Roach Girl.”

Additional reporting done by Brooke Kushwaha. 

Will Jacobson can be reached at wjacobson@wesleyan.edu.