In the Jewish tradition, the Sukkah is an impermanent booth or hut built and dwelt in during the week-long Jewish pilgrimage festival, Sukkot. The Sukkah is supposed to resemble the tent like dwellings in which the Jews lived as they wandered the desert for 40 years,and the sukkah’s impermanence reminds us of the temporary nature of existence and the fragility of life and invites us to rejoice in our bodies and homes as shelters. Commonly in Jewish prayer, we will pray for the world to be sheltered in a symbolic sukkat shalom, a shelter of peace.

During the upcoming holiday (which begins at sundown on October 4th), we would like to invite you into our more tangible WESukkah (located in the CFA courtyard) as a place for shelter, contemplation, studying, prayer, feasting, meditation, or reflection. We ask that you are respectful of the space and want to offer it as a resource and a place to find shelter and comfort and peace amongst the stresses on campus and the turmoil of the world around us.


Scheduled Events in the Sukkah (All Are Welcome)

Wed Oct 4 5:30pm Vespers + Pizza in the Hut

+ Sukkah Decorating

Fri Oct 6 6:45 PM Shabbat Dinner in the Sukkah
Sun Oct 8 12:30 –

2:30 PM

Brunch in the Sukkah, Harvest Festival
Mon Oct 9 5:30  – Sukkot Interfaith Event
6:30 PM
Tue Oct 10 TBD Sukkot Tzedek Event (w/ Wesleyan Refugee Project)


Arielle Schwartz ’19 and Rabbi David Teva, Director ORSL on behalf of The Wesleyan Jewish Community.

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