c/o Palm Nail

c/o Palm Nail

If you’ve had your nails painted in Middletown, chances are you went to Palm Nail. Michelle Chang, the owner, always greets customers as they walk in and asks about their lives. Palm Nail always provides high quality services, and Chang’s presence just adds onto the perfect experience.

One of the first times I went to Palm Nail, I sat in one of their massage chairs and nearly fell asleep. The ambience relaxed me immediately, with chill acoustic music and amazing massages. In addition to the token manicures, pedicures, and other nail services, they also offer waxing, facials, eyelash extensions and massages, making Palm Nail a go-to beauty spot for the area.

Chang started off her nail business nearly 15 years ago, when she moved to the United States from South Korea. After getting a bachelor’s degree in nutrition in South Korea, she got her nail and cosmetology license in the United States. She has another nail business in West Hartford, called Orange Nails and Spa. She spends most of her time in the Middletown Palm Nail branch.

“[I opened this branch] because I wanted another challenge and I love the area, because it’s a college town,” said Chang. “I love to see young people; they make me inspired.”

She has relationships with many University students, often friending them on Facebook and posting pictures of their manicures on the Palm Nail Facebook page. She cites her relationships with University students as a major reason she spends a lot of her time in Middletown, even though she lives 40 minutes away.

“During breaks, like summer and winter, I miss [Wesleyan students],” Chang said. “But when school restarts, everyone shows up and [then] I see them until they graduate…. It’s very good to see the same faces over and over.”

Since she has a deep relationship with many University students, she always wants to support them by displaying their artwork on the walls for sale. She also gives raffle tickets to sport teams who are fundraising.

“I really want to help students, even though it’s only a nail business,” Chang said. “Although it’s only a nail business it [does not seem] related, I want to find ways to help and involve students.”

In addition to University students, Chang maintains relationships with the greater Connecticut community. She remembers everyone who comes in, and if something goes wrong on your first visit, she’ll make it up to you during your next visit.

Chang also talked about the reputation that Palm Nail has for eyebrow waxing; customers travel hours to get their eyebrows shaped at her establishments. She trains each of her staff members personally. Palm Nail currently has six staff members in total, including both full-time and part-time technicians.

For University students who want to go, discounts are available for students. Manicures are $2 off, pedicures are $5 off, and gel manicures are $4 off if students “Check-In” on an online platform, including Yelp or Facebook.

The only fault with Palm Nail is its extreme popularity. If you come in at a busy time, you can be caught waiting for a while before you’re served. If you have the time, I would highly recommend going to Palm Nail for a super high-quality manicure at a great price.

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