I grew up adjacent to Long Lane School for Girls (LLS ) during 1927-1946. My father was Farm Manager for some 55 years at the farm which supported Long Lane School. The farm provided about 75% food-support for the School.

Prior to my birth my mother taught home economics at LLS. Both my parents had attended and graduated from Storrs Agriculture College, now the University of Connecticut. I remember my years living next to the Farm and enjoyed the country life as a young lad. There was a small pond on the LLS property in which we fished. The Farm was surrounded by hundreds of acres of pasture in which the Farm Holstein cows pastured during summer months. I lived on Long Lane Street which bordered the west side of the school. To the rear of our house were many acres of Farm land in which our neighborhood ‘gang’ played Cowboys and Indians and swam in a refreshing brook. As I recall the LL School was headed by Ms. Pennamin(sp) and Ms.Tuthill, both well educated for their responsibilities as were the long ladies who had direct supervision of the ‘girls’. The perimeter security for the School was a six foot hedge. Yes, occasionally a ‘girl’ did breakout and escaped through that hedge. These escapes required the Farm help, my father included, to search for the ‘escapees’ at the local bus stops and along highways. Usually the ‘escapee’ was caught within a day or two. Though somewhat removed from “the school” I recall it as being well managed. After high school I entered Wesleyan University in the Class of ’49. Great instructors, Professor Snow was one. I was on the varsity swim team and participated with the Sock and Buskin group. After three semesters at Wesleyan I entered the US Military Academy at West Point.


Richard G. Steuart

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