To the person(s) who graffitied my house,

When I read your words on my porch and front door yesterday morning—“predator,” “creep,” “no means yes?”—I realized they weren’t directed at me.

I suspect that you were lashing out at my roommate, whose actions must have been deeply hurtful to prompt this kind of response. I don’t know exactly what happened to you, but I’m sorry. 

While I understand your urge to retaliate, I need you to know that the harm you inflicted went beyond its target. As a fellow survivor, I felt traumatized and betrayed by this invasion of my space. If you support those who have experienced sexual assault as much as you suggest with this graffiti, my sense of safety should not have been a casualty of your anger.

In short, as you seek justice this week and in the future, I ask that you consider the broader consequences and show compassion for those you view as ‘guilty by association.’

Yours in pursuing change,


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