Hillary promises free college. Free college would cost taxpayers $350 billion over ten years and increase our national debt. Same scam as Obama Care. It would give fed. gov’t control over our higher education and ruin it too. Obama established fed. gov’t control over bus., banks and investment firms through the bailouts. Next gov’t took control of our healthcare. Next they took control of our energy sector through EPA & regulations. Hillary wants to control everything (like State Dept. e-mails) so she can continue to control our country’s wealth and power. We need change with control going back to the PEOPLE. Vote Trump.

  • friendship

    @argus staff, who decided that this incoherent mess was worthy of being published? this belongs in a youtube video comments section. standards, man. standards.

  • Tony Danza’s Boss

    I think my uncle posted this exact paragraph in the comment section of an editorial someone shared on Facebook last week.