Vicious Circles is Wesleyan’s all female-identifying Ultimate Frisbee team. For the first time in twenty-six years, Vicious Circles has qualified for the DIII College National Championships which will take place in North Carolina towards the end of May. We have swept at both Sectionals and Regionals, competitive 2-day tournaments at which the team played 8 and 6 games respectively. These are grueling tournaments against skilled teams and the smallest point differential was 4 points. This is huge and we are so pumped and proud of ourselves. Because of these wins, Vicious Circles will be going to Nationals for the first time in 26 years.

However, as of now, we are struggling to afford this possibly oncein a lifetime chance. Due to the classification of Ultimate Frisbee as a club sport, we do not receive funding from the Wesleyan sports program and instead have to go through the SBC, which closed their funding early this semester due to lack of funds. Also, USA Ultimate, the governing body for our sport, charged the team more tournament fees than the male division due to the fact that there are fewer women’s teams competing for the region. Despite these many hurdles, Vicious has been able to make it to Nationals. This is an extremely big feat for us, as a team that grew from just five members a few years ago to one that includes over thirty team members today. We like to believe that we are a positive model for women’s sports, and for community.

We are reaching out to the community now to help us be able to go to Nationals. Any donation would help. Most of all, we ask that you recognize our team as an important presence on this campus—one that deserves recognition from the SBC, and the administration. At the center of our team dynamic is the idea that we cannot do this alone. We ask you, the Wesleyan community, to stand with us as well.

You can find our gofundme fundraising page at:

  • Ralphiec88

    Hmmm…it used to be a Women’s Ultimate team. Now it’s “all female-identifying”. Are there Y chromosomes on the roster, or is Viscious just trying to sow doubt in potential donors?