As a Wesleyan alumnus (Government Major), I was quite concerned to read the following item in the press. “At Wesleyan University in Connecticut, the student newspaper, the Wesleyan Argus, faced a sharp backlash in September after publishing an opinion piece critical of the tactics of the Black Lives Matter movement. The student government later took steps toward cutting the newspaper’s budget for next year.” (The Washington Post)

This is clearly an attempt at censorship that should never occur at Wesleyan. The finest point of Wesleyan was its very open intellectual environment that encouraged us all to think and grow. I strongly suggest that Wesleyan avoid the strong currents towards political correctness that are flowing through many universities this year.

As for the Black Lives Matter movement, it has been widely criticized in the press. Many have criticized Black Lives Matter for their shouting down Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at campaign appearances.

Wesleyan must be an example of the quiet and constructive workings of democracy without the censorship of political correctness.

Leggett is a member of the Class of 1968.

  • GD Klein


    I hear you loud and clear, but under the present administration, Wesleyan, likely probably won’t.

    George Devries Klein ’54

  • Anonymous

    A degree from Wesleyan is now worth less than a certificate of completion from community college. All Wesleyan does today is produce whiny cry babies who are trying to master the art of complaining. It is no more sophisticated whining and complaining than you get from pre-teen children. That is the new legacy of Wesleyan. We complain more than anyone else.