As a Wesleyan Graduate (1954) I find the recent WASHINGTON POST article about partial defunding of the Wesleyan Argus a total embarrassment. However, this is not the first time I have felt this way, dating back to 1994. As a consequence, I only show my degree from Wesleyan on my resume, but in my public bio for presentations, invited lectures, panel participation, and professional society matters, I do not disclose my Wesleyan degree. That’s how embarrassed I am about my alma mater.

Klein is a member of the Class of 1954.

  • Chyah Girl

    Hey George,
    Thanks for sharing. We’re embarrassed about you too. Unfortunately now since you wrote this post you’ll be inextricably tied to Wesleyan via the world wide web.


    Jacobsen, Roth and Farias L.L.P.

    • CoryIntheHouse

      No one cares what you think about anything. This school is a laughing stock now because of idiots like you.

    • GD Klein

      But the embarassment is what folks on the WWW will read about.

    • Fact

      Very impressive response. I’m sure you’ll go far.

      • Debbie

        Yes. There is a cushy job spewing mock-worthy drivel for some campus diversity & censorship bureaucracy in Chyah Girl’s future.

    • GD Klein

      An Internet search revealed that NO SUCh LLP exists. The three members of the fictitious LLP are the top three administrators at Wesleyan (President, Provost, VP) (

      “Chyah Girl” is a either a psuedonymn of one of the three administrators or a staff member in their offices. If so, an immature way to make their point, but not a total surprise.

      George Devries Klein ’54
      Geologist, Author, and Professor Emeritus, Geology, University of Illinois @ Urban-Champaign

  • Douglas the Bennet

    Not only do you get the “you mean that girl’s school near Boston?” response when you tell someone you graduated from Wesleyan, but now you also get the “wait, you mean that crazy school that censored opinions in its school newspaper?” Fucking sucks. Who knows what the response will be in 5 or 10 years. The school is embarrassing itself on a national level, and seriously damaging its reputation. Grads are going to have to start lying and saying they went to Central Connecticut State.

    • Jim Scotts

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with Central CT State. I have met more intelligent students from CCSU then I have from WESU. Another ignorant statement from an entitled elitist.

      • Douglas the Bennet

        When did I slander CCSU, or imply that there was something wrong with it? In fact, I implied that CCSU is now the superior institution.

        Reading comprehension, fuckface.

      • Jim Scotts

        Bullshit – your implication was meant that a lower institution is now equal to or better – that’s what you were trying to say.

      • Douglas the Bennet

        Statistically, Wesleyan has always been a superior institution to CCSU in most measurable academic indicators (average SAT score, National Merit Scholars, Fullbright scholars, % of students who go on to receive PhDs, placement in top level graduate programs, etc, etc). You can’t deny that. That’s not being elitist or antagonistic, that’s stating fact. By stating that fact, I am in no way demeaning or diminishing the merit of CCSU.

        Accordingly, Wesleyan has always had a higher public profile and prestige than CCSU–based upon these facts. What I stated was that this is NO LONGER THE CASE–that CCSU likely now has the same profile/prestige. This was not a put down to CCSU. YOU just happened to read it that way, and I’m not sure why. Maybe because you have a chip on your shoulder? Only you know that answer.

      • Jim Scotts

        I’ll take a CCSU or a UCONN grad any day over a WES grad. I at least will know that they will have common sense and some life skills. WES students only excel at partying and using illicit narcotics. They barely grasp crosswalks.

      • AngerMuch

        There you go. You got the punchline you were looking for all along. Feel better now? Judging from your other posts, probably not. But hey, now you have someone else to direct some blind anger at. What a life.

      • Jim Scotts

        My life is great! Yours?

      • Douglas the Bennet

        You literally did not address anything I wrote. Disgruntled troll. No one gives a fuck if you like CCSU and UConn more than Wes. Go back to Storrs.

      • Douglas the Bennet

        You literally did not address anything I wrote. Disgruntled troll. No one gives a fuck if you like CCSU and UConn more than Wes. Go back to Storrs.

  • Anonymous

    The defunding and now the offensive Halloween costume hotline. And the war against the Greeks. And the BLM protests at on of the most privileged places in the US.
    Honestly, I’m embarrassed to live here. Wesleyan needs to do something to keep its name out of the news, you’ve made a historic place of higher learning an utter laughingstock.

    • Anonymous

      Wesleyans feigned sanctimonious outrage in the name of fairness and equality (With its accompanying PC baggage) makes it appear like a 4th grade classroom where Sally used bad words that hurt Bobby’s feelings. At college one is expected to grow from a young adult to an adult by expanding thier ability to think critically, inductively and deductively. I don’t see this at all when I see a flyer asking people to think twice about their halloween costumes. I’d love to hear the call results of that flyer…
      When an HR rep from the Midwest is deciding whether a Wes or another grad gets thier job, and they’ve never heard of Wes and they research it, they will see this nonsense.

  • GD Klein
  • Sarah Roberts ’88

    Well, I wasn’t born until 1965, but, ah, I suspect Wesleyan was a bit of a different place in 1954 …

    • DavidL

      Intellectually, it may have been superior to the present in those years. I know it was from 1961-1965. Today’s students have a self congratulatory ignorance about what things were like then.

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