Students flocked to ADP to decorate pumpkins, drink apple cider, enjoy pumpkin bread and apples, and become more familiar with the society.

On Monday, Sept. 21st, Alpha Delta Phi (Alpha Delt) held a Fall Fest event as a part of its first semester rush period. The event was open for all University students to come and decorate pumpkins, drink apple cider, enjoy pumpkin bread and apples, and become more familiar with the Alpha Delt society.

Fall Fest was an opportunity for members of the University community to chat with other students and get to know members of the Alpha Delt society in a relaxing and laid-back environment. It created an inclusive space for students of all class years, even students who cannot yet rush Alpha Delt, to socialize after classes and formally ring in the fall season with festive activities and snacks.

Cail Daley ’18 attended Fall Fest with the hopes of pledging Alpha Delt. When asked why he was considering this society specifically, he mentioned having first-hand experiences with and several friends in the society. To him, Alpha Delt is not only a beautiful space but also a friendly, relaxed, and welcoming environment. His interest in this society specifically pertains to its relaxed attitude.

“[ADP is] not as intense or exclusionary as stereotypical Greek life,” he said.

Jess Barrueco ’16, a member of the society, spoke about the importance of introducing first-year students to Greek life at the University and Alpha Delt specifically, despite the policy enacted last fall prohibiting Greek societies from rushing first-semester first years.

“[We should give the first years an] introduction to campus and this space specifically,” she said. “Although we cannot formally admit you, we want a chance for freshmen to become familiar with who we are as a society, and we hope to cultivate a continuing relationship.”

Including all class years not only allowed Alpha Delt to maintain its reputation of being an open and welcoming space, but also allowed first years to get a sense of what Alpha Delt is so they can consider pledging during the spring semester.

Fall Fest served as a part of a bigger goal for Alpha Delt to create a safe and inclusive space for University students, a means of interacting with the greater community outside of typical nightlife and parties that not everyone may feel comfortable attending. The event demonstrated the versatility and range of events that Alpha Delt hopes to host throughout the year. The society plans to open its doors to non-members for study sessions and bimonthly open mic nights.

Clara Pinsky ’16, a host and member of Alpha Delt, spoke positively about the event.

“[The event was a great] way for us to get to know new people around campus and bring in new members,” Pinksy said.

Pinsky made it clear that this was simply the beginning of what will be an eventful year for Alpha Delt, explaining that although the rush period is concentrated in the first month of school, there will be other events that will allow people to spend time at Alpha Delt.

Due to new restrictions on Greek life, adjustments had to be made to society events, including the way societies rush new members and the social dynamics as a whole. Fall Fest aimed to work within these new restrictions while remaining fun and open.

“We want the greater Wesleyan community to be able to enjoy it as a space as the members enjoy it as a space,” Pinsky said. “Given the new restrictions imposed by the University, we want to find ways to organize events that are outside of night life.”

Claudia Von Nostitz ’16 described her vision for the society in the upcoming year.

“[Alpha Delt] wants to create a great, open, safe, responsible, fun place and [we] hope our rush events reflect that,” she said. “ADP is really just a house of friends, which sounds kind of cheesy but that’s really what it is.”