On the opposite side of every controversial issue stand folks who, while ignorant in our minds, are also educated individuals who are entitled to an opinion. Unfortunately, conversing with them is the only way to influence the change we’d like to see – so, rather than shaming them for their difference in opinion, why not ask them to remain your friend or even join the conversation – if not for any other reason than proving them wrong.

The Argus did not F*ck up. I am a Liberal who is fed up with the Liberal hypocrisy at this school. We should be promoting discourse, not silencing the opinions that upset us. It is disappointing that the staff of our student news organization caved to the loudest voices on this campus – apologizing and publishing three pieces explicitly and angrily against last weeks op-ed instead of standing with their decision to allow a new voice be heard.

I stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement, and I stand with the Argus. Because difference of opinion is a right and is crucial to making the changes that many at this University so loudly fight for. When we silence the voices that oppress us, we remain trapped inside our liberal elitist bubble. Newsflash, the world outside of Wesleyan is not always so pretty and many people are going to disagree with us – if we don’t come to terms with this now, we will be talking in circles forever.

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