Ladies and Gentlemen:

The NY Times reports that one of those hospitalized for being Mauled By Molly gave his friends 3 doses of Molly beforehand. Is this how Wesleyan students treat their friends!? Exposing them to extremely dangerous substances without even knowing what is in them?

How dangerous are they? Ask the student who apparently would have died in his dorm room due to Mauling By Molly before the ambulance arrived, except for chest compressions administered per phone instructions given by the EMTs speeding to the dorm.

What will happen the next time someone is Mauled By Molly? Will there be someone to give chest compressions? Will the ambulance get there on time?

Is this what you want for your friends?

Suppose your friends are foreign friends? If they get caught with this stuff in the wrong circumstances, they could possibly be subject to deportation. They will have to explain to their families why they are suddenly home. If they are from Asian or other cultures that present much different attitudes than ours, the personal consequences to them, on top of the legal consequences, could be unimaginable to those brought up by indulgent Western parents.

Is this what you want for your friends?

By the way, Ms. Al Nakib as a Syrian citizen could be in terrible trouble in this respect. Anyone for backpacking in Syria these days?

Is this what you want for yourselves?

Why are you here? To explore the wonderful opportunities offered by one of the great liberal arts universities of the world? Or simply to get high? And to persuade your friends to get high with you regardless of dangers and consequences?

You decide.

Logie is a member of the class of 1968.

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